Lynda Saponara, Princeton Piano Teacher

“I started studying with Lynda when I was an undergraduate piano music education major at Mason Gross School of the Arts: Rutgers University. She was the teacher of the Art of Accompanying class at the time and I appreciated how patient she was in teaching me how to work with other musicians as I learned how to accompany them. After I graduated, I knew that Lynda was the one I wanted to study with privately in becoming a better accompanist. She fixed my years of incorrect technique where difficult passages are now more playable. I appreciate how patient she is and how she has creative methods of explaining difficult concepts in ways that I can understand. When I went to graduate school at Columbia University, I wanted Dr. Saponara to continue to be my teacher to help prepare me for my graduate recital because I knew she would be able to prepare me for that kind of task. Even now as a professional pianist myself, I still look to Lynda as a resource and take lessons to prepare for major performances because I know she will be able to find things I can improve upon that I may not be aware of. I value her musical opinions and judgement and respect her as a teacher and musician.” Tiffany, teacher/pianist

“My daughter has been taking piano classes with Lynda for over a year now. As a parent, I love how Lynda encourages my daughter, sends us updates on how she is doing and incorporates differing teaching methods so that she can love and appreciate all aspects of music. Lynda has a gentle spirit that guides the child to grow through positive teaching methods. We are so grateful that she is instilling a great love of the piano in our daughter. I couldn't be happier in our choice of piano teachers.” Sunita, parent

“Lynda is a great piano teacher. She is a very nice person. She always manages to be encouraging, fun, and interesting in every lesson, which is motivating for us. She helps us explore music from multiple perspectives.” Students Nick, age 15, and Katie, age 12

“I started studying with Lynda in order to improve my piano playing for teaching choir. I learned how to reduce an open score and to accompany – all practical skills which have helped in the choral rehearsal. Lynda is an exceptional teacher!” Jennifer, choral conductor

“I might be one of Lynda’s oldest students but as they say it’s never too late to learn. I took piano lessons with Lynda about 3 years ago. Due to other commitments, I was only able to take lessons for about a year. I met with Lynda once a week and could not wait till my next lesson. She always was so patient with me and I don’t recall ever seeing her without a smile. She made the lessons really enjoyable and worked with me at a real comfortable pace. The highlight of my lessons was when she would play a little bit for me. Felt like I had a front row seat at a concert. Hopefully, down the road I can once again pursue my lessons and of course, Lynda would be the person I call. If you are looking for a teacher who has tons of experience to go along with a wonderful personality, then Lynda would be your choice.” Howard, adult student



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